If you are FLYING you will fly into DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. If you can let us know your arrival date and time sometimes we can match you up with some other student arriving at the same time for ride share options.

Shuttle To The Retreat

Green Ride Shuttle Service: In the main terminal by the rental car counters you will see GROUND TRANSPORTATION. The Green Ride counter is to the left of the big bronze statue (as you are looking at the face). If you have not made your reservation ahead of time, just tell them that you are going to Peaceful Meadow Retreat. They charge $38 for one person.

If more than one person is in your party and you have made reservations then it is $20 additional per person (if they are on the same reservation as yours).

Go online to
Call Green Ride: (303) 997-0238

Peaceful Meadow Retreat

You will be traveling to: Peaceful Meadow Retreat
7075 Valmont Road
Boulder, Colorado 80301

It takes 1-2 hours on the Shuttle because of stops but the drive is usually a pretty ride!

Peaceful Meadow Retreat
Peaceful Meadow Retreat

Weather / Attire

The temperature in Colorado varies daily. The rule here is DRESS IN LAYERS. Our nights are cool or cold and the days are usually warmer. Check the weather channel or the weather on your phone app before you get here!

Dress casual. Be comfortable!